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  • Cafe Associate

    Coast Community College District

    [b][u]About Oran[/u]g[u]e Coast Colle[/u]g[u]e [/u]([u]OCC[/u])[/b]
    Orange Coast College's 164-acre campus is located in Costa Mesa just minutes from Southern California's beautiful beaches. Founded in 1947, with classes beginning in 1948, OCC has grown into one of the nation's largest -- and finest -- community colleges, enrolling more than 25,000 students each semester. OCC's has an unwavering commitment to equitable outcomes; inclusive practices; and rich racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity. Ideal candidates for this position share OCC's devotion to educating and improving the lives of our representative student, employee, and community populations. Ideal candidates for this position share OCC's devotion to educating and improving the lives of our representative student, employee, and community populations. We currently enroll 21,498 students, the majority of whom are from racially minoritized populations: 35% of OCC's students are Latinx, 2% are African- American, 23% are Asian, less than 1% Native American, 31% are White, and 6% are multiracial. OCC engages in a variety of professional development opportunities and partnerships so that we can serve disproportionately impacted groups. Student-centered activities that support OCC's mission include campus-wide student success projects funded by the Office of Student Equity; partnerships with local Hispanic Serving four year institutions; active programs that work to improve the academic achievement of racially minoritized students, such as PUENTE and UMOJA; Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) and Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS).
    Performs food preparation, portioning, packaging, service, and clean up at a campus locale that may also serve as support for a culinary education program.  Performs as a cashier, operating a point-of-sale computer and may train first year culinary students.
    [u][b]Distinguishing Career Features[/b][/u]
    The Cafe Associate is the first level in a service-oriented career ladder.  The Café Associate requires the ability to prepare food items, organize a service line, operate a snack bar, operate a point of sale computer, and perform basic production-oriented record keeping.   A Café Specialist may serve as an assistant team leader or demonstrate a higher level of specialization such as with special events, restaurant-style menus, supporting a standalone site, and production record keeping.  Advancement potential exists to events coordination and leadership in culinary lab settings, and is based on need and the ability to coordinate meal production.
    [u][b]Essential Duties and Responsibilities[/b][/u]
    Specific duties may vary among departments and jobs.  Incumbents typically perform a substantial portion or all of the following kinds of duties:

    * Prepares, assembles, counts, cleans, slices, cuts, or otherwise portions food items such as, but not limited to fruits, vegetables, frozen and cooked items, used for packaging and ingredients.  Prepares fruits and vegetables salad bar and serving trays. 
    * Participates in cooking, baking, and preparing of made-to-order items requiring assembly, grill, and specific ingredients.  Records food temperatures at required intervals during the food preparation process. 
    * Serves food items according to specified portions and pre-determined menus and recipes.  Inspects and/or tastes prepared foods prior to serving to determine quality, appearance, and taste.  Follows proper food handling procedures.  
    * Sets up and operates commercial food production/service and processing machines.  Cleans, sanitizes, and arranges machine components.  Adjusts and tests machines to match processing and operating instructions. 
    * Arranges café service lines and individually packaged food items so that customers can make easy selection.  Assists in arranging equipment and service lines in remote locations. 
    * Serves as a point-of-sale cashier, accepting money on account or cash.  May learn and assist with end-of-day procedures such as compilation of daily receipts and counts. 
    * May operate a remote snack and/or a la carte service cart with point-of-sale.  Arranges and sells food items and accounts for cash, payment on account, and food inventory. 
    * Assists in monitoring the receipt, storage, rotation, preparation, and storage of perishable food items in full compliance with District and County health regulations.  
    * Cleans, washes, and sanitizes kitchen equipment, food preparation and servicing area surfaces, and sweeps floors, contributing to maintaining a safe work environment and complying with Health Department standards. 
    * May deliver and display meals and supplies to District and campus sites and event venues. 
    * Assists with counting inventory and may order food items and supplies to fulfill requirements. 
    * Assists in the training of student workers. 
    * Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.
    * Required to abide by all District policies and procedures including Board Policy 3050 – Code of Professional Ethics. 


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