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  • Instructional Load and Pay Analyst

    Coast Community College District

    Verifies and consolidates faculty teaching workload and supplemental assignments by auditing and entering regular and adjunct faculty workload information into a computer aided application for determining pay, leaves, and benefits.  Coordinates, schedules, and provides administrative support to the faculty performance evaluation processes.  Provides training and advanced technical support to staff and administrators on procedures and best practices for documenting faculty assignments and making calculations related to faculty workload.
    [u][b]Distinguishing Career Features[/b][/u]
    The Instructional Load and Pay Analyst is a specialized technical position considered a part of both payroll and human resources career paths.  The Instructional Load and Pay Analyst has advanced technical knowledge of not only faculty pay determination elements but also the computer aided tools for entering pay and productivity information to data warehouses where reports, staffing studies, and payroll processing can occur.  The Analyst also demonstrates the ability to coordinate data from a wide range of academic departments and campuses on a timely basis to meet payroll and other deadlines.
    [u][b]Essential Duties and Responsibilities[/b][/u]
    Specific duties may vary among departments and jobs.  Incumbents typically perform a substantial portion or all of the following kinds of duties: 

    * Coordinates information flow from academic departments to facilitate calculating faculty load and payroll processing. Sets up consistent processes, routines, and communications with instructional divisions to ensure timely, accurate, and factual data conveyances. 
    * Creates, verifies, edits, and distributes faculty loading records.  Monitors, records, and reviews adjunct faculty loading records with administrators for approval and compliance authorized with workload limits.  
    * Enters faculty workload information onto spreadsheet or database models used for accumulating information and decision support.  Verifies and calculates faculty overload and forwards information to payroll. Arranges for substitute coverage for classes and/or prepares announcements for cancellation. 
    * Monitors, records, and reviews workload, attendance, and paid-time-off (or other leave) for compliance with faculty collective bargaining agreements.   Works with human resources, fiscal services, and payroll to ensure timelines and data accuracy. 
    * Trains instructional division support staff and administrators in use of electronic data warehousing systems for inputting, managing, reporting, and analyzing a variety instructional data.  
    * May participate in monitoring class enrollment, recommending necessary additions or cancellations, and entering corrected data into databases.   Processes forms depicting changes to master class schedules that impact faculty assignments, workload, and pay. 
    * Works with academic Deans and the class scheduler to properly manage the data for faculty load assignments. Makes adjustments, as required for new, expanded, and rescheduled assignments, noting information in the human resource information system. 
    * Calculates class hours for reporting to state for apportionment purposes.  Analyzes data on space and compensation, and prepares reports to provide information to Vice President and instructional divisions as requested.  
    * Creates pay events for faculty instructional and non-instructional assignments.  Audits related information system data entry using available reports to verify, correct and/or report anomalies. 
    * Coordinates, schedules, compiles, tabulates, and type/keyboard faculty member and other staff member performance evaluations.  Prepares and processes staff development contracts, time sheets for guest lecturers, and peer evaluations.  Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position. 
    * Prepares, edits, and inputs information that supports publication of class schedules.   Coordinates and participates in compiling information requests on behalf of other organizational units responsible for class schedule production processes. 
    * Performs technical and complex administrative support involving the use of independent judgment and an in-depth understanding of the functions and procedures of the division, with a working understanding of functions and procedures of other divisions. 
    * Responds to inquiries and conveys technical and/or other information about programs and services provided by the District.  Interprets and conveys policies and procedures, referring extremely difficult or sensitive matters to an administrator.  
    * Organizes, balances, prioritizes, and assigns administrative workflow by compiling data on workload demands, anticipating business and academic calendars and cycles, assessing available staffing and recommending additions or adjustments.  Establishes and tracks time lines for projects, activities, and required submissions. 
    * Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


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