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  • Staffing Coordinator - Coast Temporary Employment Services (CTES)

    Coast Community College District

    Plans, organizes, and administers a comprehensive temporary staffing program to ensure district-wide short-term/temporary staffing requirements and needs are fulfilled.
    [u][b]Distinguishing Career Features[/b][/u] 
    Staffing Coordinator provides temporary support solutions for managers and departments to operate at maximum efficiency during position vacancies, employee vacation periods, employee leaves of absence, and during other appropriate situations.  The Coast Temporary Employment Services (CTES) program is administered by District Human Resources. This position reports to the District Director and provides district-wide temporary staff solutions by developing and maintaining a pool of qualified, available applicants for short-term and special projects throughout the year.  The Staffing Coordinator will ensure that all temporary employee support solutions are in compliance with the provisions of applicable collective bargaining agreements, state and federal post-retirement employment restrictions, Affordable Care Act requirements, Labor Code, student enrollment requirements, Equal Employment Opportunity, and other state and federal laws governing public education temporary employment.
    [u][b]Essential Duties and Responsibilities[/b][/u] 
     Incumbents typically perform a substantial portion or all of the following kinds of duties: 
    * Develop effective methods of communicating CTES program objectives and services.
    * Review, assess, and evaluate Divisions/Department's requests for temporary staffing.
    * Assist Divisions/Departments in evaluating and planning their temporary staffing needs.
    * Ongoing recruitment, selection, and maintenance of a qualified applicant pool for temporary assignments.
    * Develop and oversee a district-wide, web-based job posting, onboarding, and time and attendance system for CTES.
    * Develop reports, processes, and procedures for tracking temporary employees and ensuring compliance with Temporary Employment Services guidelines and restrictions.
    * Develop skills assessments to verify qualifications for various occupational categories.
    * Develop and maintain a sufficient applicant pool to meet the diverse temporary help needs of college and district departments throughout the year.
    * Develop position/assignment descriptions and procedures.
    * Develop a robust CTES webpage with information on temporary assignment procedures, hours and assignment restrictions, performance expectations, and pay.
    * Develop an orientation program for CTES employees.
    * Coordination and development of a student career connection program that identifies and provides temporary student work assignments that complement and reinforce the educational program or vocational goals of qualifying students.
    * Develop and present workshops on resume writing, interviewing, and job search techniques to career connection students.
    * Develop marketing campaigns for student career connections to college and district departments to promote interest and create work based learning opportunities for student placement; provide guidance, training, and support to students in career connection assignments.
    * In the event of performance or personal conduct problems, liaison with Human Resources Employee Relations to take appropriate action, such as reassignment or termination from the CTES pool.
    * Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.

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