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Federal Work-Study Student Assistant Pool - Orange Coast College
Coast Community College District

  • Dec. 22, 2016
  • Federal Work-Study Student Assistant Pool - Orange Coast College
  • Coast Community College District
    Costa Mesa, CA
    United States
  • Open until filled
  • Available immediately
  • Classified Staff
  • Student Services
    Educational Services
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A student assistant works in a particular department of the college or the district site and has job responsibilities specifically designed for a student. Assignments typically deal with clerical or communication related duties and assistance to any division. However, the nature of the job may vary from department to department. These jobs also take into account the class timings and exam schedule of the student and are more flexible than off-campus jobs. Most of these jobs are part of a financial aid package for a student and are also known as work study.

Student employment under the Federal Work Study program is intended, to the maximum extent practicable, to complement and reinforce the educational program or vocational goals of each student. Departments hiring student assistants who are paid through the Federal Work Study program should confirm with the student, the program of study that the student is pursuing and make a reasonable effort to provide a job which relates to and complements the respective program of study.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Student assistants have a wide variety of choices and can choose assignments in a department that is aligned with their academic and career goals and interests, as available. Accordingly the duties and responsibilities will varying depending on the nature of the assignment. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

* Deal with public and other students or employees in a stressful environment
* Manual labor.
* Set up facilities and equipment
* Cleaning and laundry
* Support teams
* Outdoor duties
* Use modern office equipment.
* Perform tasks requiring technical skills.
* Repair technical and electronic equipment.
* Act as student management trainee.
* Act as language interpreter or interpreter for the handicapped
Skills and Competencies
* Ability to balance work and studies.

    Skills and Competencies
    * One semester of introductory or general chemistry (Chem 130, 180, 185), taken at Orange Coast College
    * Ability to balance work and studies

    * Assists Child Development Specialist or Child Care Center assistants with daily routines of the children indoors and outdoors.
    * Helps with set-up and clean-up activities. Engages with children under close supervision, and when action independently, must function with specific guidelines.
    * Assists with breakfast, lunch and snack set-up and clean-up.
    * Other related duties are assigned
    * Tutor children in reading

    Skills and Competencies
    * Minimum Qualifications: Ability to provide basic support of children while working under direct supervision. Patience and understanding of children. Ability to follow instructions. Negative T.B. Test. Ability to maintain positive relationships with other staff and parents, some knowledge of child development preferred. Fingerprint and Child Abuse Index check clearance- completed during hiring process. Physical examination. Must be able to perform and meet physical demand required in their capacity.
    * Ability to balance work and studies.

      Department Hiring
      * Human Resources
      * EOPS/CARE
      * Starbucks Office
      * Counseling File Room
      * Math-Self-Paced
      * Career Resource Center
      * Payroll Department-District Office
      * Student Health Center
      * Honor's Office
      * Puente Program
      * Job and Internship Center
      * Community Education
      * Counseling-Front Counter
      * Visual and Performing Arts
      * Electronics technology
      Skills and Competencies
      * Computer skills, familiar with Microsoft Office, able to type, good communication skills.
      * Ability to balance work and studies.

        Skills and Competencies
        * Be willing to learn new skills that relate to the position.
        * Familiar with components, tools and test equipment related to electronics, computers, robotics and, industrial automation systems.
        * Proficient with Microsoft products: operating systems, Office applications etc.

          Skills and Competencies
          * For equipment room and TV studio: students must have already taken OCC Film/Video classes that use our facilities and equipment so that they are more familiar with it than new students. For office duties and filing: familiarity with our equipment and facilities is preferred but not required. For ALL Positions: good communication skills, reliability, organization, and positive attitudes are a must.
          * Ability to balance work and studies.

            Departments Hiring:
            * Starbucks
            * Cafeteria
            * Snack Shack
            * Game On Food Truck
            Skills and Competencies
            * Customer service, ability to multi-task and problem solve, ability to lift, ability to work under pressure and fast paced environment.
            * Ability to balance work and studies.

              Skills and Competencies
              * Ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel to create tables and write memos and reports. Ability to learn how to use office equipment. Ability to use the internet to conduct research and contact other organizations in order to obtain information related to research assignment. Desire to learn more about the internal audit function and its value to the organization
              * Ability to balance work and studies.

              LIBRARY OPTION:
                Skills and Competencies
                * Attention to detail and must have knowledge of basic mathematics. English alphabet, and computer skills; Student will be required to shelve library materials by Library of Congress Classification System procedures; therefore will need to understand the English alphabet and decimals. Willingness to work with students, instructors, staff, and community. Ability to follow and understand oral and written instructions. Students work directly with the public and answer the telephones.
                * Ability to balance work and studies.
                MATH TUTOR OPTION:
                  Skills and Competencies
                  * Complete of math 030 or higher at least a grade of B.
                  * Ability to balance work and studies.
                  * If math requirement (as listed above) is not achieved, you can apply for the clerical position (see the other job description). In addition, with the experience in self-paced Math Center, you can obtain letters of recommendation for other positions in the field of education. Furthermore, if you choose to volunteer 20 hours per year, you will be nominated for the Services and Leadership award

                    Skills and Competencies
                    * Professional Mariner student for at least one semester or equivalent skills.
                    * Boat handling and sailing skills preferable.
                    * Ability to balance work and studies.

                    RECYCLING CENTER OPTION:
                      Skills and Competencies
                      * Basic computer skills, ability to communicate with customers and customer service skills.
                      * Ability to balance work and studies.

                      TECHNOLOGY OPTION:
                        DEPARTMENTS HIRING:
                        * Architecture Technology-Fabrication Assistant
                        * Architecture Technology- Graphics Assistant
                        * Construction Technology
                        * Aviation Maintenance Technology
                        * Welding
                        * Computer Center
                        SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES
                        * Architecture/Graphics- Hardware Skills: graphics, rendering, augmented and virtual reality equipment
                        * Software Skills: 2D presentation, 3D modeling
                        * Recommended courses: ARCH 105/115 (Concept), 162/163 (3D), 165 (2D), and 167 (Video)
                        * Architecture/Fabrication- Hardware skills: Shop tools and digital fabrication equipment
                        * Software Skills: 2D presentation, 3D modeling
                        * Recommended courses: ARCH 162/163 (3D), 165 (2D), and 170/171/172 (Fabrication)
                        * Welding- Students need to satisfy training for a metal shop and ability to carry 60Ibs, be able to use oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting equipment. A safety test will be administered for the position.
                        * Construction- Assist instructor in lab area. Will involve physical activities such as material and tool organization. Position may require heavy lifting. Will also assist instructor in office duties such as making copies.
                        * Computer Center - must have taken CIS 100 or CIS 111
                        * Aviation Maintenance- Assistant will maintain tooling and stock inventory, maintain supply inventory, maintain free stock inventory, organize tool crib, Must be able to do heavy lifting of up to 50 pounds. Support for faculty, Assist with the updating of publications, Photocopy, collate, staple, and otherwise prepare materials as directed, Scan various documents and convert them to alternate format, Assist with design and development of brochures and web presentations.
                        * Ability to balance work and studies.

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